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Fri Dec 3 20:36:16 PST 1999

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To the group:

In another one of my ambitious winter projects I am attempting to fabricate
a hard dodger for my A30. I once saw a hard dodger constructed by a fellow
in North Carolina for his older Columbia 30-something. It was very

Based off his construction methods, I propose to use a type of plywood
called "Wiggle Wood" a highly flexible 3/8" plywood that can be bent along
either axis depending on the grain of the piece of wood. I have bought two
sheets of 8 x4 ' for about $35 a piece. This stuff is amazing. I plan to
sheath the wiggle wood in glass, and after installing lexan portholes,
paint it to match the deck.

It doesn't appear to be too heavy, and a hard dodger will have the
advantages of both a rigid structure and long life.

I was wondering if anyone had plans for a fabric dodger for the A30, or
maybe some leftover literature from a company that fabricated your cloth
dodger. I want to study these plans or photos and try and copy the lay of 
the fabric to duplicate with the wiggle wood. I am currently at a loss for
photos of A30's with a variety of dodgers.

If you have a dodger for your A30, and you wouldn't mind, please email me a
photo. In addition, since my mast is currently off the boat, what is the
max distance from the cockpit sole to the top edge of a dodger--that
wouldn't interfere with the boom. Any information I can get would be a
great help.

Thanks in advance and I think I have too much time on my hands,

Joe #499
"One Less Traveled"

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