[alberg30] hard dodger for A30

alberg30 alberg30 at interactive.net
Sat Dec 4 15:48:44 PST 1999

From: "alberg30" <alberg30 at interactive.net>

Guy: thanks for the photos. One shows some excellent detail regarding the
attachment and pattern for seahood and sides of the cockpit. 

I thought maybe your dodger was alittle large also. It looks like the boom
nearly rests on the dodger. But the big windshield is nice.

Can you tell me does the dodger attach to the teak combings? Looks like
it's cut over the sea hood, down the side of the cabin top and then maybe
to the combings?

Where would you have the sides end, and attach them to what?


Joe #499
"One Less Traveled"

> From: Guy Lalonde <lalondegc at videotron.ca>
> To: alberg30 at onelist.com
> Subject: Re: [alberg30] hard dodger for A30
> Date: Friday, December 03, 1999 10:05 PM
> From: Guy Lalonde <lalondegc at videotron.ca>
> Joe,
> I sent you a private e-mail with dodger photos. If anyone else is
> let me know and I'll send a private e-mail. The dodger setup on my boat
is a
> little too high, the boom just barely clears it and when standing I don't
> like to have to look through the dodger (which is the case), I like to be
> able to see over a dodger, but that's my preference. It also extends a
> little too far back and interferes with the winches but I just untie a
> and fold it back, with a hard dodger you'd have to take that into
> consideration. Unfortunately my mast is down and the dodger is removed so
> can't provide measurements, maybe someone on the list still has their rig
> and can provide the distance between the cockpit floor and the boom. From
> there I suggest you make a cardboard mock up dodger before undertaking
> real thing, you'll be able to determine if it interferes with anything
> if it is aesthetically pleasing.
> I checked out the hard dodger on the web site mentionned in Bob Kirk's
> reply, it looks like the hard dodger is removable. I've heard of some
> are permanently glassed which may not be a good idea because a permanent
> might not appeal to a potential buyer (especially a die-hard racer). Also
> doesn't look like the "window" can be opened which I like to roll down on
> soft dodger on a warm day under sail or at anchor, it can get pretty hot
> behind a dodger without a breeze flowing through.
> Just my 2 cents.
> Guy.
> Cyrena #466
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> From: Robert Kirk <kirk at neptune.gsfc.nasa.gov>
> To: <alberg30 at onelist.com>
> Sent: Saturday, December 04, 1999 3:15 AM
> Subject: Re: [alberg30] hard dodger for A30
> > From: Robert Kirk <kirk at neptune.gsfc.nasa.gov>
> >
> > >In another one of my ambitious winter projects I am attempting to
> fabricate
> > >a hard dodger for my A30. I once saw a hard dodger constructed by a
> fellow
> > >in North Carolina for his older Columbia 30-something. It was very
> > >interesting.
> >
> > Joe... Check the nice hard dodger that Wayne Bower made from fiberglas
> > his Alberg 37:
> >
> >    http://users.erols.com/teelok/
> >
> >
> > It did take him quite a while,though.  And remember, gentlemen don't go
> > sailing when you need a dodger.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Bob Kirk
> > Isobar #181
> >
> > 
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