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Sat Dec 4 15:45:18 PST 1999

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It  definitely seems like I have too much time on my hands. And too be
sure, my deck looks like an abortion, my teak is a mess, and my sails
should probably be thrown in the garbage. But since its winter, and my boat
is 300 miles away, I like to feel like I am accomplishing something so I
dabble with various projects.

Sometime next spring I expect to put the deck back together, complete with
repainting, woodwork, new bowsprit, rigging and the whole works. The nice
thing about having 50 projects going at once is, eventually, you get 50
projects done at the same time--and that is a pretty good feeling.

The thing I like about this project is its another one I can do at home,
after I make a cardboard mockup down at the boat.

My boom hangs at its lowest point on the track. I stand 6'0. I expect to
make the hard dodger stand inches below the boom. I think it will probably
not go as far back into the cockpit as Guy's dodger, nor be as tall.
Forward, the dodger will just cover the storm hood slightly.The dodger will
be removable, probably with bolts and some sort of gasket at the bottom
flange of the dodger. I think the portholes on the port and starboard sides
will be able to be opened. The main portholes (windshield) will be
permanent, probably 2 large size pieces of lexan.

I hope to make the hard dodger so it can be joined with a cloth bimini on a
stainless frame and cover the cockpit. That combined with leecloths for the
cockpit will make a little outdoor room. I already have a large sumbrella
awning that covers the main cabin and the cockpit, but rest on the boom.

I will certainly share my progress as I begin on this project. I will even
solicit your (the group's) opinions on the dodger pattern once I have it

Wish me luck,

Joe #499 
"One Less Traveled"
> From: Rap1208 at aol.com
> To: alberg30 at onelist.com
> Subject: Re: [alberg30] hard dodger for A30
> Date: Saturday, December 04, 1999 4:11 PM
> From: Rap1208 at aol.com
> joe, I think you have too much time on your hands too. Is your teak all 
> perfect?  Hull spotless, Sails clean? Engine cleaned and painted?   I
> have any pictures to send on line, but I can tell you that my dodger  is
> enough to just clear the boom, undersail, and it will not clear my head
> 10") . I can just see over it.  Now, if you are shorter, and your boom is

> higher because the sail is short on the luff, you may be able to make a
> dodger.  It will most propably be in the way a lot of the time.  When I
> to get around easily, I drop mine onto the cabin top, and of course, it's

> almost always there when racing.  Heavy rain has made me put it up twice.

> Sounds like a lot of work.  Are you going to send out pictures 
> when you finish?
> Russ
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