[alberg30] hard dodger for A30

Guy Lalonde lalondegc at videotron.ca
Sat Dec 4 09:24:24 PST 1999

From: Guy Lalonde <lalondegc at videotron.ca>

Hi Joe.

> I thought maybe your dodger was alittle large also. It looks like the boom
> nearly rests on the dodger. But the big windshield is nice.

The boom just barely clears the dodger, I'm going to cut the dodger down by
about 2 inches so I can see over it. The forward end of the bimini attaches
by zipper to the dodger, the other end to a frame which interferes with the
boom, I can't set it up lower because then I can't stand up, so I have to
remove the bimini and lower the frame when under sail to allow clearance for
the boom. The setup was done by a previous owner and was not well thought
out. The big windshield is nice, all around that is except a few strips of
canvas where there are zippers and the outer edges.

> Can you tell me does the dodger attach to the teak combings? Looks like
> it's cut over the sea hood, down the side of the cabin top and then maybe
> to the combings?

The forward end attaches to the sea hood (about mid way lengthwise) then to
the side of the cabin, then to the outer side of the coaming, then it is cut
around the winch island and the tip attaches to the top of the coaming
slightly behind the winch. As I mentionned before, I have to untie the end
and fold it back when sailing to get access to the winch.

> Where would you have the sides end, and attach them to what?

For your hard dodger, you could attach a teak slat along the top outer or
inner edge of the coaming, from where the coaming begins back to the aft end
of the dodger. That would provide you with a flange to mount the dodger.
Where do you end the sides ? You'll have to end them before the forward
winch island, enough to clear the winch and enough clearance to turn your
winch handle. If you don't have enough clearance for the handle you can
always ratchet back & forth (that's not ideal but feasible). But then your
dodger may look a little boxy (you want the top aft edge of your dodger to
come back far enough so that it won't rain into the cabin when the hatch is
open) and both sides of the companionway deck won't be as well protected
from the elements (it's my wife favorite spot when it gets cold). So there
is a compromise to make there. Or you could move the forward winch islands
back somewhat, or make them longer and move the winches aft, project # 51
maybe ? (just kidding ya).

Cyrena #466

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