[alberg30] bow pulpit measurement

Tom Sutherland sutherlandt at prodigy.net
Sat Dec 4 18:01:01 PST 1999

From: Tom Sutherland <sutherlandt at prodigy.net>

Joe ... For what it is worth, my chocks were attached to the stem fitting with
machine screws. I believe they were about 10/24's  (the threaded holes still
remain in the stem fitting)  I might suggest trying to drill the heads off of
the screws and then prying the chocks off of the screw shanks and then trying
to remove the screw shanks with a pair of vice grip pliers. If you are unable
to remove the shanks just cut them off flush with the stem fitting. Remember
when drilling stainless steal use a good bit, slow speed and steady pressure.
I would also suggest you center punch the center of the screw head so you can
stay in the middle so you won't really need a bit any larger than the shank of
the screw.
    I personally believe you would be better off with the bowsprit down on the
top of the stem fitting. This is only my opinion, but "you asked for it"

Tom S
# 412

alberg30 wrote:

> My biggest concern, and I'd appreciate all opinions, is aestectically will
> the 7" be too high, not high enough? I think raising the whole bowsprit
> like a platform might not look so bad.

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