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    Glad I can be helpfull.  Lets go.   1   I can send you a cioy of the 
measuring formule.  It's on two pages, but it's really easy.  I'll need your 
snail mail addy, cause I 'm not going to type it all.        2   Not much 
hassell, but they have to be measured 1 st time.  Never again.  I measured 
quite a few boats.                                                            
                                My club charged a token fee,  about $5.00 
when we started in the 70's. And should be more like $10 now.  Actually we 
gave it to the guys who were doing the measureing.   It neads two people.    
We kept a record, and gave the owner a certificate.  We had entrants who sold 
a boat, and the new owner came with an entry, and the old certificate.  OK by 
us.     3    I have a number of  measuring on record, I would be happy to 
send them.  I have :   A-30,    (W)  {  I'm going to denote winners like 
this; (W)  }  Pearson Triton, Pearson Arial,  {(W) Alberg Sea Sprite, {W} 
Ensign,  Pearson Commander,   (W)  An old Morgan, (W) a NY 32, a  CD 28 , 
Taheti Ketch, ( a winner, one year)   just so you can get an idea how well it 
works among different size boats.                                             
                                            Remember , this was for full keel 
boats ONLY, and we would not permit  entry of things like a Cresent,  that 
has a short keel with the rudder attached. It permitted a cut away forfoot 
though..  those were al measured, and all you need is the rating.    4.   All 
info can come from the phrf certificate, except,  beam water line.   (some 
one on deck holds a weighted string  held against the edge of the boat at the 
top,  it extends down , and into the water, and someone else floats a wooden 
yard stick and measures the difference between the string and the waterline). 
  The other is rolling, moment, I  think I already esplained that, so if you 
have a PHRF  cert, all you have to make is those two measurements,  takes 
about 15 min at the boat.                        Must be measured at the 
boat!  Two guys could measure quite a few on a saturday, if they were all in 
the same marina.    We let the measureers split the money.  Now a bad idea, 
unless your people are so rich that money doesn't matter, then they can  give 
it to the club.  We reasoned that they had millage, and time into it and 
deserved the money.
    Whew. that was one long paragraph.    As you can see, some of these boats 
did not have a PHRF cert. However, some may still have a CCA certificate 
around.   Who races an old wood  boat anymore, so it's a chance for those 
owners to get out and have a casual race.  We had about a 25 mile race, 
starting off the mouth of the Clinton River, in Anchor Bay of lk St Clair, 
and sailing all actoss the lake to the mouth of the Thames river, in CA.  We 
always had a party there, (wow!!!)  and spent the b night, sailing home the 
next day, on Sunday

    In the good old days, around here, we used to draw 25-30 boats, sometimes 
more, but no one comes out  anymore, so we dropped the race, but If you have 
a lot of full keelers, it's a great race, and pretty to see those old wooden 
boats cranking it on.

    That's about it, thanks for the invite, but thats a way to go for me.  
I'd have to go 20 miles to the mouth of the Detroit river,  another 29 down 
river, across lake Erie, etc, a 4 or 5 day day trip, at least.  Sounds like 
fun though.  It would be more practical for me to go there by car, and race 
with someone else.

Russ Pfeiffer

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