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John Birch Sunstone at idirect.com
Fri Dec 10 06:56:35 PST 1999

Russ, et al;

Gee, I'm the Social Director of my Club, BSBC, in Burlington, Ontario.  We host a
major regatta, for Western Lake Ontario and pig roast each year called Swinefest
(400 people), I'd love to get a copy of the old CCA rules and see if we couldn't
have a CCA division. Any chance you could get me the information, or where to

Was rating the boats a big hassle?

Is there a computer program to do the scoring like PHRF has?

We'd have to keep the PHRF crowd happy, but a separate Division would be cool,
seeing yawls again, etcetera.

Could some of the information for the CCA rule be pulled off the PHRF

It might be of some interest to other Alberg and other classics owners as perhaps
the word Cruising in CCA might encourage them to race, I know that is the word
that scares away cruisers....

By the way we have had an Alberg 30 Division at Swinefest for the past 3 years,
its Saturday July 8, 2000 and the fee is $20 for the Race, dinner, dance with a
great band, breakfast served at your boat. We have a great guy with an A-30 who
brings his A-30 down from Lake Erie this race.  If your delivering down or in from
a distance we can probably help out on a longer docking time window of a week for
example. BSBC is located on the beautiful well forested North Shore of Hamilton

Thanks to you all for your forbearance.


Rap1208 at aol.com wrote:

> From: Rap1208 at aol.com
> Tom, CCA stands for Cruising Club of America.  For quite a few years my club
> hosted a Traditional race for full keel boats, wood, glass, and other
> (fero-cement , etc).  We used the CCA rules.  I measured quite a few boats,
> and ratings tended to be close to the waterline length, all things considered.
> Russ
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