[alberg30] diesel conversion

Tom Sutherland sutherlandt at prodigy.net
Thu Apr 13 12:23:04 PDT 2000

Dick ..... I had saved the following post which you sent to the A-30 list
some time ago. I am wondering how your Kabota is doing for you? I am faced
with spending a bundle on my Westerbeke 30 or repowering with a new deisel.
Any advise or coments from you would be helpful.

Thank for any help.

Tom Sutherland
Lexington Ky
A-30  #412

Dick Filinich wrote:

> From: Dick Filinich <daf at mobiletel.com>
> Dear George:This is in response to your suggestion for all concerned
> with diesel conversion.First of all I priced engines with every
> manufacturer known to exist even chinese xing xing in calif.I chose the
> Kubota p3-20-sm,this is a 3 cyl.fresh water heat exchanger/direct drive
> raw water cooled 20 hp. at 3600rpm.It came with a hurt 2.o5 to 1 trans
> which turns left hand.The dist. in pompano fl.guaranteed that this
> transmission could be used either way without danger to unit.This engine
> weighs in at 214# thats 104 less than a4 which means less draft or more
> fuel capacity or cargo.I bought my engine in Miss.out of state from La.
> with a tax savings of around $500.The engine with deluxe panel no taxes
> $5395.I bought an off the shelf coupling blank and had it turned down to
> fit existing 7/8" shaft.I still turn 12x6 two blade sail prop,but since
> the clutch turns left hand and wheel is right I simply shift opposite of
> what I want, a small inconvience for the time being.Coupling $39.The
> existing tank for a4 was a plastic outboard one,in stbd locker high
> above engine.Fuel had to be sucked up the tank then down,tank did not
> have baffles in it which meant in rough water fuel sloshed around
> causing the engine to become air bound.This was replaced with new
> alum.tank with baffles(seperations)inside to keep fuel movement through
> racor filter ,fuel outlet on side 1" from bottom,fuel return,vent,and
> fuel fill on top of tank.I used old bronze cockpit inspection plate for
> top of tank to remove and clean tank when necessary.Inspection plate
> removed to install new bomar hatch.I cruise @2000 rpm and according to
> my gps around 6 kts, at 2200 rpm the exhaust is under water which is not a
> good practice.Next time I haul out I'll go to a slightly larger left
> hand wheel which should give same speed with lower rpm.I ran for app.10
> hrs. on 4 1/2 gallons diesel,so in the long run comparing diesel to gas
> prices and gallons burned you might not pay the whole engine off but you
> will recoup a good portion with frame of mind with diesel safety.Now Im
> a welder by trade and the new engine bed I built in a days time,I did no
> hot work in boat so each piece I fitted,then bolted in place,then remove
> and welded,I used 3"x1/4" flat bar steel,buffed coated with rust
> inhibitor,and painted.You could find a trade school,a friend of a friend
> to help with engine bed,this is easy welding even for beginner,once the
> bed is fitted.Two of my sons and myself carried the engine to the boat
> and lowered into boat with ropes.You'll need two people for line up,one
> in main cabin to move engine,and one working from rear with auto feeler
> gauge to line up couplings.Electronics,harness, mechanic friend of mine
> did it for $20 and a day on a sailboat.The engine bed is the most
> difficult of all the conversion,if someone who has a scanner would give
> me there address,I would be glad to send photos of before and after
> installations and drawing of engine bed to share with others concerned.I
> guess I spent around $5800 totally to convert to diesel,but thats what I
> wanted,I wasn't worried about resale value,I've never bought anything in
> my life and sold it for higher than I paid for it anyway yet.Don't get a
> chevy when you can afford a caddy.Sorry for this long e-mail.
> Dick Fillinich Galliano,La "High Spirits"#191 One other thing don't go
> out and buy a Kubota just on my word,I talked to people who had them in
> tractors for a long time and swears that you can't tear them up,and the
> raw water pump is right in front of the engine.I'm always ready for an
> adventure I bought a sail boat didn't I.
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