[alberg30] Kubota Conversion

Dick Filinich daf at mobiletel.com
Fri Apr 14 20:07:47 PDT 2000

Tom:The warranty on my engine of two years will be up long before the
2000 hour warranty is up.I haven't 50 hrs yet on the engine,but I
haven't regretted it for a minute.I talked with a few people who had
these diesels in tractors and equipment and they swore by these
engines.My main concern was the safety of diesel over gas.Get the kubota
save a bundle going out of state,do the installation yourself if
possible,this is not a throw away engine.Get some paper on the p3-20 sm
or check mine out personally,or e-mail your address and I will send
photos of new engine,and engine bed and mounts,will describe on back of
photos what things I did to convert to new diesel.Hey I'm happy.
Dick #191 High Spirits   Galliano,La.

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