[alberg30] Battery storage-drilling holes in liner pan

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Tue Apr 25 21:58:42 PDT 2000

About a month ago we discussed placement of additional batteries in the A30. I plan to have one starter battery, and two deep cells.I want to place the deep cell batteries in the second well space forward of the engine compartment (thats the big sloped well in the newer A30). I will make a flat spot and the mount the batteries there, then run the cables aft.

My previous setup, had all the batteries in the space just forward of the engine. Three batteries won't fit there now.

Question: Can I drill a hole through the fiberglass liner/pan partition that divides these two wells, in order to run battery cables aft to the engine and electrical panel? Does anyone know, is that partition just fiberglass, or is there any sort of metal grid reinforcement maybe in the liner pan?

Holes will have to be kind of big ( maybe 1") to allow #4 cable or bigger.

Thanks in advance;

Joe #499
"One Less Traveled"
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