[alberg30] Lofting lines, cont'd

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Fri Jan 28 10:00:58 PST 2000

From: SandersM at aol.com

I finally found a copy of "Choice Yacht Designs" last night by Richard 
Henderson which, as promised, has a reduced set of lofting lines for the A30. 
 I'm not sure how well they will enlarge, but I'll give it a shot.  If it 
works, I'll try to scan the lines and send them to George Dinwiddie for 
uploading onto the A30 web site.

The book, by the way, is wonderful.  It has drawings and photographs for 30 
vessels, most of which are glorious boats like the Hinckley B40 and Pilot 35, 
the Owens 40 cutter and the Nevins 40 (both knock-offs of FINISTERRE), and 
the New York 32.  It was nice to see the A30 among such august company!  

Stay tuned.

Sanders McNew
WILD ELF  (# 297)
Oyster Bay, New York

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