[alberg30] Depth Sounders Again

David Swanson zira at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 29 21:31:05 PST 2000

From: David Swanson <zira at mindspring.com>

All -

I am replacing the depth sounder in Strayaway Child #229.  I have looked
at several models with in-hull transducers.  My current sounder uses a
transducer mounted on the port side, under the settee just aft of the
head.  Two questions for anyone who has done this:

1. Some models state that they only work with hull thicknesses of 3/4 "
or less.  Is this a reasonable expectation in this area of the hull?
2. Most must be mounted relatively flat (parallel to the bottom).  How
do you accomplish this?  Build up a pad of epoxy?

Would I be better off to get a regular transducer & mount in a water
box?  I rarely sail in more than 25 feet of water, 10 to 15 most of the
time so absolute range is not an issue.

Thanks in advance.

Strayaway Child
Alberg 30 #229

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