[Alberg30] Scott Wallace/Bluenose

Peter Hay phay at netcom.ca
Sun Dec 16 12:11:48 PST 2001

Nice to hear from you Scott.  I actually sail my boat out of Goderich, Ontario which is about 55 miles north of Sarnia on the east coast.  I don't know where you are from, so I don't know if you know the area.  Goderich is the only deep water port on the east coast of Lake Huron as there is a huge salt mine there (biggest in world I believe).  Perhaps you could send an email directly to me with some particulars about your boat etc.  I believe I have seen mail from you before and have a suspicion that you are from Nova Scotia Y/N?  Hope to hear from you.
Peter Hay
phay at netcom.ca

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