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Capnreitz at aol.com Capnreitz at aol.com
Mon Dec 17 19:07:51 PST 2001

I would like to begin by saying that George did  a wonderful job on the new 
web site. In looking at the maintenance sectionI found an item of great 
interest to me. The rudder shoe.
Last year I found that the main bolt had loosened. Upon removing it I found 
that the threads had become worn. Further investigation by removing the two 
bronze screws, which mount from the port and stbd. sides, I found the pin at 
the bottom of the rudder had worn an eliptical hole into the shoe. The pin 
itself was worn to a diameter of approximately 3/8'. Haveing acess to a 
machine shop I had a sleeve with a 1/8" thick collar fabricated of Stainless 
steel, which fit into the hole in the shoe and accommodated the greatly 
reduced pin at the base of the rudder.
At the end of this season, while putting her on hard I found the two bronze 
screws had sheared and the main bolt was again loose. I believe the threads 
inside the keel are worn or corroded.
Has anyone run into this problem and how did you go about solving it ? 
Perhaps the 1/8" collar raised the rudder to much so that the entire weight 
was now resting on the shoe? I live in Central Jersey, sail out of SeaBright, 
if there is someone in the NewYork/New Jersey area with a boat currently out 
of the water I would like to see it that I might make some notes and pictures 
of the area in question. 
Another question is how woouldI go  about replacing the pin at the base of 
the rudder? The one which fits into the shoe.
If I have not described the problem in enough detail to elicit a response 
please tell me. I thank everyone for their help with this problem.
Ralph Reitz
Dances With Waves #457

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