[Alberg30] Rudder Shoe

Bob Chambers BlueDolphin at rivnet.net
Tue Dec 18 04:54:58 PST 2001

With regards to the pin, the way many of us have replaced that is to file it
off flush, mark the center with a punch, and carefully drill a 7/18 hole
about 2 and 1/2 inches into the shaft.  Then tap it with a 1/2 inch tap.
Put generous amount of RTV (Silicone bathtub calk) on a bronze 1/2 inch bolt
and thread in just beyond finger tight.  cut off at the right length and you
have a new pin.  When it wears (every three to four years for me) you can
remove the old bolt easily with a pair of pliers (thanks to RTV) and replace
with a new one.  I did my Whitby 42 the same way (only had to use a 5/8 inch
bolt) and it is I believe the best solution for the pin.

Bob Chambers

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