[Alberg30] Atomic 4

Jay Davenport jay at saildriver.com
Wed Dec 12 12:25:53 PST 2001

The A4 water pump is simple to lubricate. If you add
water pump grease to the cup as needed (probably a
couple of times per season), and screw the grease cup
cap down a turn or two each month, you should have no
problem. This is based on experience with my 1973 A4
over the last 8 years. Of course the number of hours
of engine operation is the real determining factor as
to how much grease the pump will need.
Jay Davenport
Revolution, A30 #526
--- Wilhelm Ydel <bydel at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> A question to all atomic 4 owners. I noticed that
> Moyer Marine is selling a remote water pump lube kit
> ($24.50). Has anyone installed one, what is your
> experience?? Could you also please tell me what your
> discipline is as far as lubricating the water pump,
> with or without the lube kit. I feel that I am not
> being diligent enough.
> Bill Ydel
> SallyB  #441
> Bill at ydelco.com

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