[Alberg30] Atomic 4 water pump; Cockpit locker drains

Daniel Sternglass dans at stmktg.com
Wed Dec 12 15:35:58 PST 2001

Jay Davenport wrote:
> The A4 water pump is simple to lubricate. If you add
> water pump grease to the cup as needed (probably a
> couple of times per season), and screw the grease cup
> cap down a turn or two each month, you should have no
> problem...

I agree, and would add that I take the back cover off, and liberally
smear water pump greas inside the housing at the start of each season,
and also inspect the impeller blade with a flashlight, since these are
prone to fail if they run hot even momentarily. I agreee tha the total
hours is the important thing.

Separately, I just got my tarps on the boat yesterday (it's been very
warm in the East). I noticed that the minimal 1" or so of snow we got
recently resulted in the bilge filling up to the bottom of the battery
comaprtment, not good... I discovered that the port-side cockpit locker
drain (fed from the gutter molded into the hull, drains into the
cockpit), was plugged.

Further investigation revealed a Tee fitting in the line, teeing in the
drain from the upper cooler tray. This tee was reducing the I.D., so
crud and leaves plugged it very thoroughly and made it impossible to run
a wire through it. I don't know if that tee was original, but I'm going
to ditch it and just drain the cooler tray into the blilge.

--Dan Sternglass
Watcher of the Skies, #201, 1966, Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY

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