[Alberg30] alberg 30 toerail

Daniel Sternglass dans at stmktg.com
Thu Dec 13 14:18:56 PST 2001

> John Raaymaker wrote:
> I own a 1966 alberg 30, hull # 182. I have to replace the torail and
> the section over the transom. I wonder if anyone has any tips on this
> or experiance with it.I sail out of Sarnia, Ontario. JOHN.

I also have a 1966. It needs the aft port-side 10-12' toe rail section
replaced, including under the genoa track. I got some advice from a
local wood-boat yard (currently finishing a replica of a 1923 Alden
'Malabar' 60' schooner)... I could pass that on. However, I'd first like
to hear if anyone has done it, bacause it may be possible to do it in a
simpler manner than what they told me. My main question is whether the
teak needs to be steamed, or if the bend radius is big enough to be able
to just just bend it.

I filled a rot-hole in the taffrail with epoxy wood putty after digging
it out and "git-rotting" it, and although the color match is not so
good, it has held up well for 5 years so far (3+ cubic inches).

--Dan Sternglass
Watcher of the Skies, #201, 1966, Cayuga lake, Ithaca, NY

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