[Alberg30] 35 year old bottom gelcoat?

Randy Katz randyk at bertschi.org
Fri Mar 1 08:39:06 PST 2002

    I've just hauled out the boat in Everett, WA. prior to moving up north
to Anacortes, WA., on the edge of great cruising country:  San Juan Islands,
the Gulf Is. of Canada, and, farther north, Desolation Sound and towards
more desolate reaches at the N. end of Vancouver Island.
    Motored past the Everett Navy base on the way in, noticed barrier booms
around the ships.  They had an aircraft carrier #72, tucked in there, too---
huge! Lots of obvious security on the shore side, as well.
    Back to the boat though.  On scraping loose paint chips I noticed a few
areas (about a foot square or smaller) where the gelcoat had pinpricks in
it, through which the actual fiberglass was visible.  The gelcoat is abraded
and "worn" looking to boot.  Does anyone have experience with this?  I'm
wondering if simple recourse like priming with something before bottom
painting is practical, or-- worse-- if those sections should be removed and
reappliedk or sealed.  I'm looking for the less expensive, satisfactory
route, not the best and most expensive, while at the same time needing a
realistic appraisal of the situation for the long term.
    Am also dealing with some blisters, several per side, quarter-sized or
so, which I feel OK about dealing with-- grinding out at 1:12 ratio, taking
the epoxy route a la West Systems. These blisters are in the chopped strand,
deeper than the gelcoat, but not into any of the woven roving.  As I
understand it these are not structural concerns at their smalll, contained
    Advice appreciated-- I expect there must be plenty of readers of the
list "in the same boat."
Randy Katz
910 - 32nd Ave
Seattle, WA. 98122

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