[Alberg30] Boat weight? + Thanks to Michael and TK

Randy Katz randyk at bertschi.org
Sun Mar 3 18:00:25 PST 2002

Thanks, guys, for the advice about the old gelcoat.  What you suggested
makes a lot of sense, and I understand from reading that a long drying
period is very important.  It's somewhat of a relief to know my boat's
situatioin with the pin-prick gelcoat holes (yes, higher on the sides, below
the waterline) is not unique.  I was wondering if I got the only problematic
hull with this-- but of course it isn't true.
   I'm planning to do a short-term solution for now and will probaly pull
the boat for fall and winter next year, then to try the sanding and epoxy
   If anyone else has other comments about this, I'd be glad to hear it.

   Also-- the travelift scale said the boat (mostly empty) weighed  in at
about 13,000 lbs.  Does this sound about right, or am I carrying around 2000
lbs. of water soaked into the hull?  I know the original weight was closer
to 10,500.  I imagine that the boat must have a fair amount of water soaked
in, having been afloat for many years.

   Opinions on the weight?

   Thanks to all-- I must say again how very helpful I find this list and
all of you experts!

Randy Katz
910 - 32nd Ave. 
Seattle, WA. 98122

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