[Alberg30] A30 Cruise to New York and Long Island Sound

Brian and Elaine Timmins timmins at optonline.net
Fri Mar 1 16:50:19 PST 2002

Welcome to our home waters.  Glad your coming this way!

Where do I begin?       First off, let me remind you that my boat is located about 6-7 miles east of the entrance to NY harbor. I'm just a little further east than Chris Katehis who Emailed in his welcome a few days ago. We're the only 2 A30's active in Jamaica Bay That I'm aware of. Of course my boat is for sale and I might not be a "real" alberger by the time you guys get up here. I realize that you won't be able to stop at every nook and cranny along the way, so I'm going to skip the "you must come by my marina" plea and try to make recommendations that my local knowledge can help you with. (Of course, If you have excess time, pleeeeease stop by my marina)
     New York is a wonderful place to sail. Starting at Sandy Hook, NJ  there is a wonderful anchorage 1/2 way down on the inside. Turtle Cove. Doesn't have great protection in a blow, but a nice place to stop. In the same area, if you need protection, go further South and behind the breakwater at Atlantic Highlands. Several Marinas in there and room to anchor.
     Once you go North of Sandy Hook, you should start to time your transit with the currents. My recommendation for info in this regard is to buy and use "Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book" http://www.robertwhite.com (click the link "Eldridge Tide Book") It's available in most boat stores. The advantage to Eldridge is that it includes Tidal Charts for NY Harbor and Long Island Sound (out to Nantucket). It covers the whole East coast but really Targets and Overloads you with info re NY to New England.
    Just north of Sandy Hook to the west a bit is a nice safely enclosed harbor in Staten Island. Great Kills Harbor. There are several A 30's in residence there (at least 3, I think), several marinas and lots of moorings.
     From here up, the next marinas are in the thick of things in NY and across the Hudson in NJ. There are two that I would recommend and their both in NJ and both have ferry service (commuter ferry) to NY. Neither will be cheap, but either should be safe and fairly convenient for city sightseeing.
Liberty Landing is also extremely convenient to the NJ Turnpike if you need to meet crew. 
At this point, let me introduce another suggested guide book. This one is fairly hard to find, but their web site is good.   http://www.boatersalmanac.com/  This book has great listings for marinas and other "need to knows" from New Jersey, all the way to Maine.
Are the Embassy guides everyone is probably familiar with. Great Guide books but expensive(ish) and DON'T let them get wet (personal failure on my part)
     Recommendations as to What to see in NY is way beyond the scope of this Email and a matter of your personal preferences. Suffice it to say, New York is getting nicer all the time. Don't be worried about rampant crime, it's really not bad. New York was especially nice in '65 when you guys last cruised up here due to the Worlds Fair. Now, it's just New York, but it's better than it was then (by far)
    When you finally start to go up the East River towards LISound, be sure to go with the current. Try to time your transit to start at the beginning of the current going in your direction. There are sections where our mighty little boats will stand still or go backwards if the current is against you. The only thing to watch out for (besides logs in the water) is Hell Gate (basically under the Triboro Bridge). It gets really rough (with whirl pools sometimes) when the current is at it's Max. If you time it right, it's no problem at all.
     Right by LaGuardia Airport, is Flushing Bay. There are a few marinas in there, but unless you need to hide from weather or current, there isn't much to recommend it. On the other hand, if you have to catch a flight somewhere..... 
or meet crew.     
     Just a couple of miles further is Little Neck Bay (east of and to the south by the Throgs neck Bridge. It is the first of the "after New York" anchorages if you need to recover from the harbor and river. There are no real services there, just a nice anchorage. If you need services, go to City Island (just to the north) or continue on to the next bay after Little Neck, Manhasset Bay. Manhasset bay has services in the towns of Port Washington and Manhasset. Manhasset Bay Marina (tucked back in the NE corner) has a restaurant, lifts (hopefully you won't need), mechanics that are fairly good, and is within a short walk of a West Marine, and normal people shopping.
   From here on East is Long Island Sound. I'll be typing all night if I continue (one finger, hunt and peck typist here). So,         Norwalk Islands, Essex Ct., Hamburg Cove Ct Port Jefferson NY, Huntington Harbor NY, Oyster Bay NY, Shelter Island NY, Greenport NY, Fishers Island NY (closer to CT), Mystic Ct, BLOCK ISLAND RI (a must), Newport (the other Mecca), and so on.
Have a GREAT cruise and hope to meet some of you.
Brian         A30 #497    Free Spirit
P.S. ask specific questions and I'll be glad to try to help.
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