[Alberg30] 35 year old bottom gelcoat?

Michael dickdurk at intercom.net
Fri Mar 1 15:27:06 PST 2002

> the gelcoat had pinpricks in
>it, through which the actual fiberglass was visible.

Those are also symptoms of the blister phenomonon. Fair with an epoxy, and
the barrier coat you are applying will deal with it about as well as
anything else you could do.

About 6 years ago I ground my boat down to gel coat (below waterline), took
care of minor blistering (using a different technique than you propose),
applied 3 coats of the interlux barrier epoxy (I did stiffen up the first
coat with West colloidal...stuff-I had those pinpricks over large areas). I
haul my boat out every 5 years or so-when I hauled out last year, the bottom
was pristine. Don't know if the barrier coat stopped blisters, or all the
blisters that were going to happen, happened by last haul out. I like
Interlux products, so I'll say it was the barrier coat :-)


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