[Alberg30] mast for Mr. Phillips

John Phillips n00chie at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 4 11:29:14 PST 2002


Great help, I've made rough measurements of 6" x 3" x 34.5'.  Could you get 
the thickness and total height?  I was only able to measure from the deck to 
the top of the mainsail.

What are the class rules?  I'm in Seattle right now, but I hope to sail it 
to the east coast in a few years.  I'd want my win to be legit. ;)


>I can get the dimensions of the oem mast easyly enough for you as my mast 
>in my driveway.  Thought you might be interested to know that Metalmast
>Marine (also there web address ) can fabricate a new mast very easily and
>reasonable too-between 3 and 4k for you .   I got a quote out of curiosity
>only a month ago.  For that money you'll have to make up the running 
>yourself.  I used Rigging only in Fairhaven Ma..  They are Very 
>priced too!!!   A newer mast will be lighter and the extrusion's moments 
>provide greater than or equal to original stregnth.  I don't think the 
>cost of a taper is worth the loss of stregnth.  You can add a backstay
>adjuster like others in the assoc. have ( I've seen the pictures) and
>accomplish very handily all the mast tweaking you'll ever need.  I would
>recomend maintaining the std. mast height, unless you are buying new
>sails...notice here how that wish list keeps growing?   with a new mast 
>time to start thinking about goodies like internal halyards, new masthead
>with dock for antenna, wind gizmo, light(s) and that @#$% list goes on and
>on.  New boom maybe?  internal rigging for the outhaul and reefing lines
>would be slick.   then there's the rigid vang that you will be sure to 
>    See  what you started?
>kind regards,
>  Tony Thorne

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