[Alberg30] mast for Mr. Phillips

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Mon Mar 4 11:55:58 PST 2002

> John Phillips said:
> Great help, I've made rough measurements of 6" x 3" x 34.5'.  Could you get 
> the thickness and total height?  I was only able to measure from the deck to 
> the top of the mainsail.
> What are the class rules?  I'm in Seattle right now, but I hope to sail it 
> to the east coast in a few years.  I'd want my win to be legit. ;)

The class rules say, (Part II, paragraph 5) "Keel, Rudder and Spars:
No change in the dimension, location, shape and materials which are
standard for the A-30 shall be permitted, except such changes as are
approved by the Rules Committee.... The mast and spreaders shall
conform to that supplied with Hull No. 101 in the fall of 1965."

I do know that the original mast extrusion is no longer available.
While you might be able to find an old mast (I believe there may
still be one available in Florida), at least one boat has had a
different but similar mast installed.  I don't think that the Rules
Committee has been asked for approval on it for racing, but I do
know that Phil Beigel thinks that it's equivalent.  His son,
Reed Beigel, installed it on a boat.  I've never been able to 
pin down exactly what extrusion he used, but I believe he got it
from JSI Rigging, which is now part of SailNet.  It's possible
that they would have records on that mast.

 - George

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