[Alberg30] Thanks to all - Nova Scotia to Bermuda

Dan Morley dan.morley at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 12 14:42:27 PST 2002

Well Folks,
    What a wonderful response. This site and this association is truly
special.  Thanks to all who have responded.  I was concerned I would be
looked upon as fool-hardy, and have therefore much appreciated the
expressions of support.  I am building quite a printed library from your
    In fact, Cornell has been my bedtime reading for a long time now,
that routine only broken occasionally when I pick up Spurr (Upgrading
the Cruising Sailboat) or Vigor (The Seaworthy Offshore Sailor)
instead.  Other fascinating books play a somewhat lesser role. I also
have a small advantage of being in the military, and have been fortunate
in establishing contact with navigators / sailors in the Canadian forces
(but only very recently).
    Personally, my background is in flying, but certainly I have had the
(mis?) fortune to make the Halifax/Bermuda run in anitiquated two seater
fighter jets, with a distinct lack of sophisticated navigation
equipment.  Hopefully, my luck would hold at the much lower altitudes
and speeds that I envision on this trip!
    I have already been spending weekends upgrading the boat - seacocks,
mast support beam, chainplates, electronics, etc..  I have  11 days off
in early April to continue those repairs, and undertake some others,
such as the cutless bearing.  The information I have received from this
site has provided priceless guidance - many thanks to all.
    The granting of time off next winter (Oct - Apr) is not yet fully
confirmed , but it looks like a "go" at this time. I would have thought
that to leave much earlier than end-Oct was to risk late-developing
hurricanes, and to leave much later than end-Nov was to greatly increase
the risk of encountering Northerlies (that would blow against the Gulf
Stream) -  but some of the feedback would indicate an earlier departure
would be more appropriate?
    Again, many thanks to all.  I'll certainly let you know if / when I
Dan Morley
"Avoca" #322

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