[Alberg30] Re: Illegal propane tanks

Faerthen Felix ffelix at lycos.com
Mon Mar 25 09:05:40 PST 2002

Hi Vinegar! 

Small propane tanks are really handy, but expensive and difficult to find so I wouldn't throw them out just yet!

Most propane tanks are two parts--the bottle and the valve assembly that screws into the bottle. The overfill is a function of the valve, not the bottle, and valves can be changed. If you can't get the information you need from the guys who refill your tanks, try an RV supply/service place.


>my alberg 29 has a dedicated propane locker in which
>two five pound propane cylinders are located.  due to
>state law changes, these cyclinders cannot be refilled
>as of april 1, 2002, as they do not have an overfill
>feature.  i ran a few searches on the internet and
>couldn't find anything on propane tanks of this size
>(i might be able to switch to one ten pounder, too).
>does anyone have a suggestion as to where i should be

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