[Alberg30] Rudder shoe solved

Randy Katz randyk at bertschi.org
Wed Mar 27 21:22:22 PST 2002

Greetings, Gentlemen, and thanks--
    After visualizing success with replacing the rudder shoe and it's
primary screw (facing aft-- it's a 3/8 measure) I was able to finagle it
back into place this AM.  Unfortunately, that was before I read your sage
advice about the importance of using a non-corroding BRONZE fastener.  So
there's a SS bolt snuggly home there at this time.  (Replaced the shorter
screw with a slightly longer bolt for more fastening power.) Do I get
brownie points for having the port and std. side screws being the correct
BRONZE type?  I'll make a note to myself to replace that SS thing

    How many years before the potential corrosion begins to become an issue?

    It turned out that the hole into which I could not get the bolt started
was enlarged in an oblong shape.  I had been pointing the bolt up the wrong
creek, so to speak.  I finally discovered that fact, and, upon reorienting,
successfully got the bugger going.

    In a fit of anxiety about missing the scheduled launch date I
pessimistically assumed that this little "screw up" would crash my splash.
Should I know better?

    RALPH R-- In your note yesterday you referred to, I believe,  the
dimpled pin that secures pintle to gudgeon.  That is a built-in dimple, as
it's supposed to be, and is not a sign of corrosion.  It, as well as the p &
g, are BRONZE.  I've just finished taking those apart,as well as the rudder
shoe-- feel free to ask me about either.

    MIKE L-- Brilliant, of course, in suggesting to retap the bolt hole if
needed.  Would that include an epoxy fill + drilled hole + tap of the
original size (3/8"), or is it possible to just retap?  And would one retap
with the next larger size, or with the same, existing size?  Thanks  in
    WALLY-- Thanks for the advice.  I was familiar with your method and it
didn't work-- that's what made me wonder what the heck was going on.  As
mentioned above, I was barking up the wrong side of an elongated hole.

    Cheers to all, and many thanks----

Randy Katz
910 - 32nd Ave
Seattle, WA. 98122

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