[Alberg30] aluminum 6061 t-6

chrishardy chrishardy at tds.net
Thu Mar 28 15:45:51 PST 2002

Ran across this at Brion Toss's rigging page I'm In the process of 
welding up a radar mast for the aft deck of #296 I thought somebody may 
be interested with all the talk of aluminum alloys....

: "I am considering making a welded aluminum spar,out of 4'x 12' 6061 T6 
plate. The boat I am building is a 34' aluminum cutter that will 
displace 14000 pounds. I have used the Riggers Apprentice to figure the 
moments of inertia and found a stock section that fits, now I would like 
to build a octagon with longer sides that closely matches those 
dimensions. If you have any advise, reasons why I shouldn't build it or 
know were I could read more on this I would appreciate it. thanks Paul

Paul,6061 T-6 is a tempered aluminum alloy, welding will ruin the 
temper. Retempering al is NOT a do it yourself project. Take a small 
piece of the plate and run a weld across the middle, bend it and you 
will notice it is very much softer in the welded area. Sorry. "
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