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Brian and Elaine Timmins timmins at optonline.net
Fri Mar 29 14:50:02 PST 2002

   Jamaica Bay is by far easier than East Rockaway inlet, but East Rock is fairly easy in anything other than a real blow. The back of Jamaica Bay is still pretty much the same except there isn't very much commercial traffic anymore. I'm not sure about the Lawrence Golf Club having a marina. I'll ask a few people. Keystone is still there and so long as there is some breeze (to blow away the gnats) is probably your best bet for the Five Towns area. My wife's family used to keep there power boat at Keystone a few years ago.
   If your caught by nasty weather going this way, sail for Coney Island till your in near the along shore channel, then head east into Jamaica Bay. Entering the bay this way is doable in any weather short of a full Hurricane (and maybe then too). Rockaway Inlet (the jetty entrance to Jamaica Bay) can get real nasty if the current, wind and waves are fighting. If the weather is like this, wait it out before you go for East Rockaway Inlet. It's sort of like a mini copy of Rockaway Inlet.
   If you come into Jamaica Bay, My marina (and the continuing home of my ex Alberg) is just North of the Marine Parkway Bridge. There should be plenty of open slips, just read your chart getting into Dead Horse Bay.
Glad to be able to help any way I can.
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    Welcome to our home waters.  Glad your coming this way!
    Where do I begin?       First off, let me remind you that my boat is located about 6-7 miles east of the entrance to NY harbor. I'm just a little further east than Chris Katehis who Emailed in his welcome a few days ago. We're the only 2 A30's active in Jamaica Bay That I'm aware of. Of course my boat is for sale and I might not be a "real" alberger by the time you guys get up here. I realize that you won't be able to stop at every nook and cranny along the way, so I'm going to skip the "you must come by my marina" plea and try to make recommendations that my local knowledge can help you with. (Of course, If you have excess time, pleeeeease stop by my marina)
    P.S. ask specific questions and I'll be glad to try to help.

  Brian... OK, I'll take you up and ask a couple of specific questions.

  I'll be coming up with the group but will probably spilt off for a while and stop in on the South Shore to drop in on some relatives in the 5 towns of Nassau where I grew up.

  The question is which way to go. I could come in Jamaica Bay and tie up around Inwood dock on the east end of the bay. But as I remember from many years ago that area was pretty scruffy and not much in the way of slips or anchorages available - just commercial piers for oil barges. Is it still that way now or is there a place to land?

  Alternatively, I could go in East Rockaway Inlet and stop in the inlet just east of the Atlantic Beach bridge at the Lawrence Golf Club, which I understand has a marina now, or go up the thin water of Hempstead Bay to the Keystone Yacht Club where we were members some half-century ago.

  Is East Rockaway Inlet still tough to navigate without local knowledge? I imagine Jamaica Bay is easier. I used to know those waters, but I don't know the territory any more.

  Would appreciate any advice.

  Bob Kirk
  Isobar #181

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