[Alberg30] Shaft log, etc

Bob Lincoln lincoln at cc.UManitoba.CA
Mon Mar 11 08:05:05 PST 2002

When I replaced the worn 7/8 inch bronze shaft, I replaced the cutless bearing by
taking out the whole mess.  There was a nice round hole with two screw holes for
the flange.  I re-used the old shaft log although had a machinist re-groove the
forward end so the hose clamps would have something to grip.  I re-bedded the
flange after this, but being a little worried over what was holding the flange to
the hull I drilled a bolt hole behind the top flange, and got a bolt & nut on
it.  I reused the bottom screw, bedded well.  I don't think it leaks, nor has it
moved.  The shaft has no wobble at all in the new cutless bearing, now about two
years old.

I built a shelf on the starboard locker bottom, to hold a small fuel tank and to
make storage more accessible.  That leaves access only by the port locker.  I
find that crawling down into it is getting more difficult.  Has anyone reworked
the cockpit lockers so that they have a more level bottom?  I don't think my arms
are growing longer any more.

Bob Lincoln
Indigo #590

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