[Alberg30] Nova Scotia to Bermuda?

schuylki at vanent.vanebros.com schuylki at vanent.vanebros.com
Tue Mar 12 04:39:47 PST 2002

> Could I consider hugging the coast out of
>Halifax, down as far as New York?
    >Hopefully, not sounding too crazy,

Sounds like a trip epics are made of. Got to admit, I'm a little envious.

If (and these are pretty big ifs) 1. you have crew that can stand watch on
watch for many days, and 2. you can carry the supplies (especially
freshwater or watermaking capability) it seems to me you have your easting
built into the route by not hugging the Coast. Advantages-Fair wind sailing
by taking advantage of the prevailing westerlies above 30 degree lat.,
crossing the Gulf Stream at a more perpindicular angle, avoiding the fact
that most sailboat wrecks occur by going ashore. Staying offshore gives a
margin of safety, searoom wise. Disadvantages-I don't think of the Alberg
as being especially pelagic-at least mine is not at that level of
preparedness. It's amazing how many things can go wrong in a sustained
gale. Then again, at least one has gone around the world.

Life is so full of choices; ain't it grand?


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