[Alberg30] Re: offshore in the fall

gordon white gewhite at crosslink.net
Tue Mar 12 15:54:59 PST 2002

With some experience off Maine and up and down the East coast over the
past 50 years, my observation is (1) that I would not leave quite so
late in the season, certainly not to go as far offshore as direct PEI to
Bermuda.  I would leave somewhat earlier. Getting caught in a hurricane
is no fun, even if you survive. The Alberg is a solid boat, but by this
time there are a number of possible failure points unless you replace
most of the rigging.

 (2) Safer, going coastwise after you round Nova Scotia, you should pick
up some south- going help from the Labrador Current. Look carefully at
the pilot charts. You do, however, head into prevailing southwesterlies,
at least in the summer. I could look at the pilot charts to see what the
flow is in the fall.

 I would go inside, through the Cape Cod Canal, as rounding the Cape
puts you on a possible lee shore with a lot of off-lying sand bars. You
could go up Long Island Sound, if the weather were iffy, or offshore
from Montauk to Cape May, New Jersey, up the Delaware, through the
Cheasapeake-Delaware Canal and down Chesapeake Bay. At Norfolk you could
opt to go outside around Hatteras (I would not) or inside, down the ICW
to Wilmington, where you could save time by jumping from inlet to inlet,
outside, weather permitting. (some inlets are not safe in heavy weather)
I prefer outside, if the circumstances permit. You can still get some
south-going counter-current along the shore. You could decide when to
head east for Bermuda from the Chesapeake Capes south, if you wanted to
go there, or go on down to Florida and jump off from there.
   - Gordon White
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