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I don't think the bow strip would make the perfect lightning ground by any means (IMHO). Maybe if you reworked the connection of this strip to the stemhead and insured a good clean electrical connection to the forestay AND did something to radically increase the size of the surface of the strip in the water., then maybe. I'm no expert in this field but my feeling is that if you took a hit and the current traveled down this strip, it would probably blow the strip off the boat.  The best looking removable protection I've seen on the web is at:  http://www.strikeshield.com/product.html 
I don't mean to endorse their product, I just like the looks of it.  If nothing else, they have some good reading on the topic.
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  A posting to this mail group in 1999 suggested all Alberg 30's are lightning grounded by virtue of the stainless strip running from the stemhead down to about 3 feet below the waterline.  It connects to the forestay and thereby providing a grounding from the masthead to the water.

  Any comments as to whether this should be sufficient and what alternatives there might be.

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