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Marianne King-Wilson addvalue at zeuter.com
Fri Mar 15 16:29:58 PST 2002

Here is a post received on a Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons website.  Can
anyone assist?
Marianne King-Wilson
Windward #369
(Parry Sound Squadron)

> Hello everyone
> I'm looking for an Alberg 30 called the Gannet II.  Gannet was last
> spotted in the early 80s on her way to Port Huron ? from Port Stanley,
> where she had raced for many years.  She was owned by Kees Donker (and
> my father, Dr. Will Mann, before that) during her years in Port
> Stanley.  Sorry, I don't have her registration number anymore.
> Rumour has it she was entered in and won the Mackinaw sometime after
> moving north.
> If anyone knows of the current owner of this boat, I'd like to contact
> him/her.  I'm trying to reconstruct parts of her racing history, in
> particular to identify the crew members for the 1972 Lake Erie
> International - which she won.  We've recently donated some
> memorabilia to the sailing club, including the pennant from that 1972
> race; a good yarn to accompany the pennant, and perhaps some excerpts
> from the ship's log would be a wonderful find!
> Any hints?
> Thanks,
> Gaby Mann
> Tanzer '26 in Port Newcastle
> member of the Oshawa Squadron
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