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Wally Moran helm at georgianbaysailing.ca
Mon Mar 18 06:52:07 PST 2002

the best info I've seen on lightning grounding is in Nigel Calder's 
book, the current edition.It suggests that a flat plate with lots of 
edge under the water provides the best grounding against lightning. 
It also notes that lightning doesn't like to turn and that any curve 
in the grounding should be no more than 90 degrees in 8 inches and a 
minimum of #6 guage. I very much doubt that the grounding strip meets 
any of these criteria.

>A posting to this mail group in 1999 suggested all Alberg 30's are 
>lightning grounded by virtue of the stainless strip running from the 
>stemhead down to about 3 feet below the waterline.  It connects to 
>the forestay and thereby providing a grounding from the masthead to 
>the water.
>Any comments as to whether this should be sufficient and what 
>alternatives there might be.
>George and Kathy White
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The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in 
sailing. Anon
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