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Bob Lincoln lincoln at cc.UManitoba.CA
Tue Mar 19 08:20:37 PST 2002

An issue of Yachting (April-June 1969) shows an ad from the
Columbian Rope Company that features a modified A30.  The boat
is described as owned by Warren Levins who won first place in
Section 8 Class in the 1968 Chicago to Mackinac Island Race.
The ad shows sail number E268 with a spinnaker and an inner
sail that is attached above the spreaders, less than 1/3 of
the way to the masthead.  The deck attachment is hidden behind
an inserted picture of Mr. Levins.  The deck attachment seems
to be around the area between the aft bow pulpit stantions.
The inner sail is interesting because it is raised only to a
point level with the spreaders, and appears to be almost an
equilateral triangle, reaching perhaps as far back as the aft
window. The boom seems high to me, and is about the same
distance above the deck as the distance between the fore and
aft ends of the two big windows.  Perhaps the main is a bit
smaller than usual.

In the Aug. 1964 issue of Yachting there is an article by
Donald Street on the best routes to the West Indies, departure
dates, etc.  He recommended leaving from Morehead City, a
distance of 1160 to St. Thomas, and not continuing further
along the Intercoastal Waterway.

Bob Lincoln
Indigo #590

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