[Alberg30] Screw the RUDDER SHOE??!?!?!

Capnreitz at aol.com Capnreitz at aol.com
Wed Mar 27 08:29:40 PST 2002

I had, and am still having trouble with my shoe. Glad others are also maybe 
mutual help is the order of the day.
Last year I found the pin extending from the rudder had worn to about 3/8 of 
an inch, found out later it should be in the 1/2" to 5/8" area. I also have 
learned that the rudder pin is replacable, with some effort. I plan to do 
this this season. I had a SS insert made which I had pressed into the shoe, 
the insert had a 1/8" collar on the insert which raised the clearance between 
pintle and gudgeon. At the end of the season I found that the screws which 
enter from the sides had sheared of and the shoe was being held in place by 
the BRONZE screw coming from aft. I attribute this to the weight of the 
rudder resting on the shoe because of the collar. 
I was informed that the threads in the keel were probably worn as well as 
the, in my case BRONZE bolt. As a quick fix I was told I could use PK7 or 
some other epoxy based metal adhesive to reform the internal threads. My 
questions are; Is this possible? How difficult is it to remove the rudder 
pin? What material is the rudder pin? Is there a collar between the pintle 
and gudgen? Where can I find more detailed information pertaining to this 
area of the boat?
Thankful for any and all information

Ralph Reitz
1317 Spruce Avenue
Ocean, NJ 07712
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