[Alberg30] Screw the RUDDER SHOE??!?!?!

Randy Katz randyk at bertschi.org
Tue Mar 26 21:36:29 PST 2002

Here is a *ridiculous* hang-up I'm having with el rudder shew--

    Having cleaned out and fixed this and that (pintle/gudeon pin's *not*
worn, it was made with a dimple in the middle to fool sods like me who
thought it looked corroded) it's time to put back the rudder shoe.  It's SS
pin looks fine, everything hunky dory.

    But, ah, just try to get that SS screw (the big one pointing aft) to get
started in it's hole!  (That's the hole in the heel of the keel-- FG
threads, perhaps)  It's almost ##impossible## to get started-- finding the
right angle, twist-- but once in it screws normally, holds tightly, seems
very happy and proper.  However, even attempting to start the screw without
the rudder shoe in place is well nigh impossible.  I've done it a couple of
times-- as a test-- but can't consistently feel (with screw in hand) where
the bloody threads are to get it started again.

    Anyone else have this problem?  What to do!?!??

    I imagine a different type fastener with a pointy end (not flat tip) to
fit into the threaded hole might work better, but-- huh?  What?  Would a
bolt make any difference?  Something like a sheet metal screw, but it'd have
different threads (this is a relatively fine threaded 3/8 " screw.

    Thanking you all for your helpful, nay, instantly effective,

    On bended knee--
Randy Katz
910 - 32nd Ave
Seattle, WA. 98122

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