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Wed Mar 27 10:49:05 PST 2002

Paul and others,
There was a discussion about a month back on the mast beam repair. During 
that discussion it was revealed that some Alberg 30 owners repaired the beam 
using stainless steel. I own #133 and plan to do this repair sometime this 
summer.  I researched the Alberg 30 archives on this issue and felt that I 
could affect a decent repair using SS.  I even proposed that perhaps a better 
repair could be made using a SS channel section rather than the two Aluminum 
plates.  Proponents of the "classical and proven" repair using the Aluminum 
plates rightly so defended their position.  I was left to invent a better 
mousetrap if I felt I could, and then share that information with the Alberg 
30 group.  

I plan to do this, but my schedule is not for this season.  I plan to bring 
#133 back to Indpls, IN [far from any big water, :-( ] and to work on her 
during the 2002 season.  #133 will then hit the water with all the repairs 
made during the 2003 season.  Others on the list are planning to do their 
mast beam repairs for the 2002 season so didn't want to wait for the SS 
Channel design to be completed.  I like the SS Channel idea for several 
reasons; (1) the SS section can be thinner, so it will be less obtrusive. (2) 
it will be more compatible with the SS fasteners that I plan to use, i.e. 
corrosion abatement, and (3) I believe that the fasteners that I think that I 
can use to hold it in place will do less damage, (weaken) to the original 
wooden beam.  I am in the thought stage at the moment.  When I have a 
prototype made I will share it with the Alberg 30 group if they wish.

Please note that at the end of the most recent discussion was the idea to 
remove the original mast beam and replace it entirely.  My boat is 250 miles 
away so I don't know yet how much work is involved in removing the entire 
mast beam or if it can be accomplished without massive disassembly of the 
boat structure.  Sounds like a lot of perhaps unnecessary work to me, but 
might result in the best fix yet.

Perhaps those who have removed their mast beam could chime in here to advise 

The Alberg 30 group is much like the boat.....intelligent, well 
intentioned/informed and beautiful. Thanks for your past and future 

Michael Connolly #133
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