[Alberg30] Mast Beam Material-How about SS

Mike Lehman sail_505 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 27 11:39:09 PST 2002

It doesn't seem necessary to go to the expense of stainless, since the 
aluminum plates that were installed 25 years ago have shown NO failures. 
They are plenty stron, SS would be overkill. Stainless plates would be an 
unecessary expense, and I am sure we all have plenty of things to spend our 
boat budgets on.

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 > Hello,
 > I know that the number 6061 is an aluminum alloy number.  This has to do
 > with everything about that particular alloy, corrosion resistance,
 > strength, grain structure, finishing, cold working,  etc. and on and on.
 > There are reference books available on metallic alloys of all different
 > types of materials, steel, aluminum, copper brass, etc.  A decent city
 > library should have then available or if not the engineering library of a
 > local college can help you.

Are there reasons other than the expense and difficulty cutting the material
that some grade of stainless is not in the running? I assume it would be
stronger. Have actual calculations been made of how strong the reccomended
lamination of this aluminum alloy would be vs SS?
#23 Ashwagh

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