[Alberg30] Mast Beam Material-How about SS

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Thank you , Michael.
I for one, look forward to your research results.
I'm at an earlier stage, having mothballed the boat to undertake the 
prerequitsite task of repaing myself!. I need two knee replacements and 
wheter I'll ever sail again is up in the air, but once I can do something, 
I'm going to bring the boat up to snuff.
Keep us posted.
#23 Ashwagh

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> Paul and others,
> There was a discussion about a month back on the mast beam repair. During 
> that discussion it was revealed that some Alberg 30 owners repaired the 
> beam using stainless steel. I own #133 and plan to do this repair sometime 
> this summer.  I researched the Alberg 30 archives on this issue and felt 
> that I could affect a decent repair using SS.  I even proposed that perhaps 
> a better repair could be made using a SS channel section rather than the 
> two Aluminum plates.  Proponents of the "classical and proven" repair using 
> the Aluminum plates rightly so defended their position.  I was left to 
> invent a better mousetrap if I felt I could, and then share that 
> information with the Alberg 30 group.  
> I plan to do this, but my schedule is not for this season.  I plan to bring 
> #133 back to Indpls, IN [far from any big water, :-( ] and to work on her 
> during the 2002 season.  #133 will then hit the water with all the repairs 
> made during the 2003 season.  Others on the list are planning to do their 
> mast beam repairs for the 2002 season so didn't want to wait for the SS 
> Channel design to be completed.  I like the SS Channel idea for several 
> reasons; (1) the SS section can be thinner, so it will be less obtrusive. 
> (2) it will be more compatible with the SS fasteners that I plan to use, 
> i.e. corrosion abatement, and (3) I believe that the fasteners that I think 
> that I can use to hold it in place will do less damage, (weaken) to the 
> original wooden beam.  I am in the thought stage at the moment.  When I 
> have a prototype made I will share it with the Alberg 30 group if they wish.
> Please note that at the end of the most recent discussion was the idea to 
> remove the original mast beam and replace it entirely.  My boat is 250 
> miles away so I don't know yet how much work is involved in removing the 
> entire mast beam or if it can be accomplished without massive disassembly 
> of the boat structure.  Sounds like a lot of perhaps unnecessary work to 
> me, but might result in the best fix yet.
> Perhaps those who have removed their mast beam could chime in here to 
> advise us.
> The Alberg 30 group is much like the boat.....intelligent, well 
> intentioned/informed and beautiful. Thanks for your past and future 
> assistance/support.
> Michael Connolly #133

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