[Alberg30] Another Hull Problem

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Fri Mar 29 18:54:57 PST 2002

Hi Eddie,

I had the same problem on 255 when I got her. It was a volvo, but taller than 
the A4, it cut off access to the back of the engine, etc.

I bought a Bomar access panel, at West Marine. It was 19" by 24", or 
something like that. In 1997, it cost about 70 bucks.

It is white plastic, and once in place, I did not like the way it gave 
underfoot. I was afraid if someone jumped on it from the seat or fell on it, 
it might break. My solution is to make a strong cockpit sole grating, which I 
wanted to do anyway. There are aluminum access hatches, like on comm. fishing 
boat decks. They run about 300 bucks. Hamilton Marine in Maine has them. You 
could find a second hand one at one of the marine salvage places. Mott's in 
Maine would be a good place to start looking if that is what you wanted.

Gordon White's A 30 came with a regular Bomar for hatch, smoked Lexan, 
aluminum frame, etc, in the spot above the stuffing box. He likes it, and 
says it is plenty strong enough.

The A30 cockpit sole is tough. Mine was two layers of masonite core, with 
three layers of glass. The vibration from my sawzall, my reciprocating saw, 
caused some delamination at the hole's edge. I repaired it with thinned 
epoxy, Git Rot, that penetrates well.  I bolted a 2x4 athwartships across the 
underside of the sole just aft of the panel to make up for any weakening of 
the sole from the hole. I think if I had changed the blades on the sawzall 
more often, there would have been less vibration. The GitRot is a good way to 
seal up the masonite sandwich to prevent any moisture getting in there, 
though, anyway. I bedded the access panel in silicone sealant.

Even with the A4, I don't know how people take these boats out with such poor 
access to the stuffing box and scupper sea cocks.

Write if you have any questions,

Lee Trachtenberg
Stargazer #255
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