[Alberg30] Hull two part paint

Charles Haggart chaggart at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 31 17:50:42 PST 2002

Hi Scott:

 Great topic for the early spring we are having here in Toronto. I am in
the middle of painting the deck of my A30. # 150, she is old and I am in
the final stages of bring her back to her former glory. Last year I
painted the hull using a Sikkens product, a one part polyurethane and it
worked just fine. This year I am painting the deck with the same product
with great success. I removed all the deck fittings, cleaned and sanded
the deck.  For the diamond pattern (non skid areas) have sanded them
down a bit and applied a Sikkens none skid paint of the same colour. I
am very pleased with the results. The deck had been painted before so my
prep work was to clean and sand. This paint is about $38 CND for .75
litres and I will use 4 cans (2 gloss and 2 non skid). I thinned it by
5% and it goes one nice. I roll with a foam roller and then tip with a
sponge brush. I plan to put on two coats and I expect it will look as
good as new.  My total cost including sanding, prep and shrink wrapping
the boat ($300.00) will be about $500.00. When I'm done I'll take some
pictures and make them available to anyone who wants them.

Good luck with your painting job Scott

Charles Haggart

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