[Alberg30] profurl roller furling (with a note on the isolated ground)

James Davis a30240 at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 18 17:24:51 PST 2002

One other trick I used on the Profurl I put on the A30 Isa Lei, was to remove the core from the first 25 feet of the furling line.  I discovered that the drum was getting too full and jamming.  This dosen't affect the strength to the point of worry about breaking and allows the furling line to be large enough to hang onto when rolling the sail up in a blow.

As to the ground on the Perkins (same on my Volvo) it is as Rob suggests to isolate the DC from the prop and other things in the water.  The ground to the block and from the block to the ships ground is just in case you have a short.
Jim Davis
S/V Isa Lei
CT 35
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