[Alberg30] profurl roller furling

Dave Terrell DTERRELL at message.nmc.edu
Thu Nov 14 14:36:31 PST 2002

I have a question for those of you who have profurl roller reefing on
your boats and did not revise mast head fitting as Stephen did.

They are:

1. Is the halyard block for the genoa above the wrap stop? and if so by
how much? 

2. How much of the wire portion of the head stay is exposed before one
gets to the wrap stop? 

3. Is the shackle on the genoa halyard block a swivel block or a fixed

Others seem not have had the problems I had last spring when I
installed my profurl reefing system, and I am trying to figure out where
I went astray. I hope your answers to these questions can help me.

I am also eager as I think some of you are to see how Stephen solved
the installation problem.

Thanks as always for the help.
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