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I did the same job this past summer. 5200 is the stuff to get. About 3 tubes. Choose your own colors. Make sure to clean all of the old stuff out first. Then put on the 5200 letting it dry a bit at the time. Otherwise the outer layer will dry while the inner layer is still wet. The best tip I was given was to have plenty of cleaning solvent to clean myself up after the job. I took my time and did it over a weekend. The boat has been back in the water and will stay there over the winter.

This is a simple job anyone could do. Great way to become one with your boat. 




I got pictures if you would like to see them. But, you'll have to wait 'till Monday for me to scan them. let me know.

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Hi CalvinI did this job 2 years ago to "Danely" #257 and about 6 years ago to "Gilleleje" #505 (my boat). 5200 was all that I used. I made sure ro use a lot of it and it was well attached to both the tube and and the hull. It has worked fine, better in fact than the old hard crap that Whitby used, and more water tight. This is a real important part of the boat, and it is hard to 'certify' the job without a first hand look at it, so use your own judgement or seek a pro.Mike Lehman"Gilleleje" #505----Original Message Follows----From: "Voyager Toronto" <voyagertoronto at hotmail.com>Reply-To: Alberg 30 public list <public-list at alberg30.org>To: public-list at alberg30.orgSubject: [Alberg30] Stern Tube BondingDate: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 16:43:43 +0000To replace the cutless bearing, I'd previously removed both the stern casing and the bronze stern tube which threads into it. Now I need to put the whole thing back, but I'm not sure how rigidly the stern tube needs to be bonded in, and what to!
 use. In addition to liberal amounts of 5200, which George recommended (I presume with a view to watertightness?) should I be thinking to use anything else to assure strength and/or rigidity? I'm thinking especially about the area of the tube where it emerges into the hull. The grey-white, rigid material which originally encapsulated the tube in this area, bonding it to the hull, has cracked off from the less than genteel method I used to remove the stern tube--hammering it backwards. Is 5200 enough of a replacement here?Calvin,Voyager #30

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