[Alberg30] Repower by outboard

Peter Amos peter.amos1 at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 19 14:27:41 PST 2002

My A30 has a retractable outboard bracket on the stern that the 3.3hp dinghy outboard travels on. A 3.3hp motor is obviously too small but in the right conditions,sheltered water and no current, it will push her along at  nearly 3knots .The inboard diesel is rated at 20hp but that output is achieved only at max 3600rpm. I cruise at max torque  2500rpm where the output is only 15hp.This pushes her at about 5.5knots.I have two cruising friends,sailboats but not A30's, that both have outboards hung on outboard brackets,they both use 9.9hp motors and can stay with me fairly easily if I keep at 2500rpm. You might want to consider putting an outboard bracket on the transom and borrowing a 9.9 or 15 to try for performance.Even if you decide to stay with inboard power the bracket can still be used as I use it and the dinghy outboard becomes a small emergency power source.It served me well once when a V belt shredded.Fitting the bracket is not a straight forward bolt on job ,it needs wedges to bring it to a good angle,but not that dificult,I did it.A transom mounted outboard will suffer from cavitation in rough water,but if its that rough you are probably sailing anyway.
Peter Amos
Tait Tait #478
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