[Alberg30] repower by outboard

chrishardy chrishardy at tds.net
Tue Nov 19 15:43:59 PST 2002

I agree with George. It will ruin the value of the boat. where putting a 
good diesel in it will increase the value.

George Dinwiddie wrote:

>It's been done, both by hacking up the boat and ruining its value,
>such as the boat down in Cuba, or in an elegant and value-preserving
>way as Yves Gelinas did.  (You can reach Yves through his web site,
>But why not just replace the A4?  You might want to look at
> - George
>>REDDERHS at aol.com said:
>>My A4 block is unrepairable, I was wondering if anyone has repowered by
>>an outboard motor. I've seen where Tritan owners have but I haven't heard
>>about A30 owners. 

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