[Alberg30] Hull Painting Question

Dave Terrell DTERRELL at message.nmc.edu
Thu Nov 21 11:15:22 PST 2002

I used it on my boat. It is important to let each coat dry before
putting the next one on. The performance has been good. The only glitch
was the the person who applied the paint (no tme) put the last two coats
on wet on wet and there have been adhesion problems. The show coat was
allowed to dry throughly before the appplication of the last two coats
and seems to be solid as rock. The original application was several
years. ago.

>>> dickdurk at intercom.net 11/21/02 08:02AM >>>
>Check your bottom paint instructions before you opt for the last
method.  The paint I use wants to dry before splashing. 

Some bottom paint also has a maximun time it can be left out of water.
A vinyl paint I've used in the past had a 3 day limit, I believe. That
brand (super vinlux) has since gone extinct.

BTW, what I replaced it with, VC offshore (both interlux products) I am
dissatisfied with. I am going to try Micron csc (reputed possible to be
painted over vinyl base paints) next. anybody have experience with this
stuff over the last year? It's possible I am judging a paint in what has
been a very bad barnacle year.


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