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Fold down sinkMine mounted on the aft bulkhead of the head area. The drain came out of the pivot into a copper pipe which angled down to an elbow fitting that lead horizontally to behind the center of the toilet. There was another elbow at that point that lead another section of copper pipe out to form a nozzle under the toilet seat, there by dumping the sink drain water into the head. Pump out the head and the water is gone. I had a std. marine head. With a porta potty it would have to be different. If you religously use your holding tank, it's waisting tank capacity. I generally used it for morning clean up chores (brushing my teeth, wasking my face, etc.). I liked it. Of course, I generally boat in open water, so I pump the head overboard more often than into the holding tank. If I was in a no discharge area, it might be a different answer.
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          I'm looking for info on the fold down sinks in the head. How did they mount, drain, perform? 

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